Financial support will be provided to two charitable foundations

The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the global crisis are felt by almost everybody. Charitable foundations, most of which operate through donations from individuals and companies, were vulnerable in this situation. It is now difficult for commercial structures and themselves to stay afloat, not to mention the provision of charitable assistance.  Many funds will not be able to continue their work in the same volume or will completely close down.

The present times are like litmus paper, showing the essence of people and things.  In general, we all must now try to be united and joint. As well as in charity, there should be no competition. There cannot be any special main benefactor. Each in its place conducts its important business. Let small, but professional foundations that do targeted work, bit by bit building their direction and closing their niches, deserve great respect.

 In this regard, the Saby Foundation decided to support its colleagues in the charity workshop. To help stand firmly and not close during the economic crisis, two Kazakhstani funds will receive financial assistance in the form of repayment of all administrative expenses and payroll for 3 months.

 This is the Shugyla Foundation, which provides material and social assistance to low-income families, and the Rasima Food Bank Kazakhstan Foundation, which organizes free lunches for senior citizens, the poor and people with special needs.  We have been watching the work of these organizations for a long time and see appreciable results of their activities.

Needless to say, our support is not valued only by money. It is also a psychological help for those who find themselves in a difficult situation. Indeed, if one pays attention to you and is ready to help, even if you do not ask, it inspires and makes you believe that your work is necessary and important.

 At the moment, we can afford to take only two Kazakhstani funds under our wing, but we will be very happy if someone else follows our example.

 The three-month respite that we provide to the selected funds will allow them to distribute their strength and load, navigate the new realities and become more stable on their feet.  And if we can help them not to close, not to suspend activities, but to move on, then in the future this support will give a great and significant result to the charitable sector as a whole.

 Aselle Tasmagambetova, President of the Saby Charitable Foundation

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