Programs of Foundation Saby

Medical Project

Improvement of medical services to the Kazakhstan citizens primarily oriented to the children 

Project "School-Gymnasium No. 174. Coaching"

Getting education is a very responsible stage in a child's advancement to adult life. Therefore, the quality of an educational institution plays an important role. School-Gymnasium No. 174 provides the necessary facilities for study activities.

Ecological program

Saby Charitable Foundation together with the Central Asian Institute for Environmental
Research opened the Center for the Study and Rehabilitation of the Caspian Seal in Aktau in

Building project Orkendeu

Improvement of living conditions at children social institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan including hospitals, boarding schools, children’s communities by carrying out works on buildings construction, capital repairs, reconstructions and housing equipment.

Сlosed program

Decent life for disable people

To raise the level of self-realization of people with limited capacities, to create decent life conditions for them, to organize unobstructed access to objects of social infrastructure, to create conditions for rehabilitation and integration of disabled people into society. 


To create conditions for pupils of child welfare social institutions in Kazakhstan to do exercises and to go in for sports, and to develop Olympic and national sports as well as peoples’ games;

Сlosed program

Perpetual Charitable SMS Campaign Give Life to Children

To raise funds for surgical operations and treatment at foreign hospitals of children suffering from diseases which cannot be cured in Kazakhstan.

Education program

Creation of conditions for fosterlings of children social institutions of Almaty city and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for successful adaptation in modern society after leaving boarding schools.

Сlosed program

Youth program

Improving the social status of graduates of Youth Homes through goal-oriented measures to provide them social targeted assistance 

Сlosed program

Alem program for support of young talents

Support of perspective and talents (children and young people) in the process of intellectual and creative development, life formation and social self-realization