Building project Orkendeu


Provider and Executor of the Project: 
Saby Private Charitable Foundation Non-Profit Organization 

Improvement of living conditions at children social institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan including hospitals, boarding schools, children’s communities by carrying out works on buildings construction, capital repairs, reconstructions and housing equipment.

Terms of Realization: 
Constantly operative project 

Problem Definition: 
The amount of budgetary financing of ensuring activity of social significant facilities both medical and educational increases every year. State programs to develop fields are worked out.
Capital repairs of schools, hospitals, boarding schools are carried out; new buildings for the existing objects are constructed. The improvements are evident almost in every institution.
However, we should not underestimate the role of private sector capital in this field. Because the prompt reply to the critical needs of social institutions could be far more effective from the part of commercial structures and non-profit organizations due to the absence of the necessity to undergo long procedures of state purchases. 
For many years, Saby Charitable Foundation has been effectively carrying out the work on improvement of living conditions at children social institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Beginning from 2003, 8 objects of 8 institutions in 3 regions of Kazakhstan have been constructed and repaired. Currently, scale work on the construction of a new modern building for the Child Care Center in Kyzylorda city is carried out, where orphaned children live from their birth till 3 years old. The existing old building was declared by a traveling commission from Almaty to be wrecked and not reparable. The Project was developed by the order of Saby, taking into account all new construction requirements and technologies.

The project has been operating since 2003. 10 facilities were built and repaired in 5 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 3 large facilities were built from scratch:
1. Children’s home for 60 places in Kyzylorda (2012);
2. Meyirim Center for Social Adaptation of Youth in Aktobe (2017);
3. Gymnasium No. 174 for 1,200 places in Almaty (2017).


History of project

Construction of a new refectory complex for foster children of Boarding School No. 3 at Begalin street, Almaty city. 

After the examination of the existing refectory condition and the possibility of its repair and arrangement, a conclusion that it is necessary to construct a new separate building complex was made. The administration decided to reconstruct the old abandoned barrack without floor, windows and doors. 5 months later, the object was put into commission. For the construction the newest and most quality materials were used, such as Italian granite, beautiful wall and floor glazed tile, glancing bathroom equipment, food block and additional lodgments: store rooms and pantries.


The Foundation started to render assistance to Nusupbayev Kazakh Regional Boarding School No. 4. Over 300 children from large low-income Kazakh families of distant villages of Almaty region study and live in this school. 

Experts made cost estimation of capital repair of the refectory, sponsors were involved. Time for work was very limited, and the work was carried out in three turns. The roof was completely demolished and the floor replaced; new doors and windows were fixed, division walls put and new communications installed. This colossal work was carried out within 1.5 months. The new refectory was presented to children by the beginning of the academic year. 


Construction of a new division for the smallest foster children of Zhanuya Complex (earlier boarding school No. 3), nursery school . 

The whole wing of the building was completely reconstructed to meet needs of children. Bedrooms and playing rooms, shower rooms and lavatories: everything was made according to high-quality standards, taking into account the needs of little residents. New furniture and bathroom equipment were installed; curtains, carpets and a great heap of toys gave additional comfort. This object became the first project of such kind in the city, when a nursery school is established on the basis of a boarding school. 


Capital repair of a refectory complex in Kyzylorda Boarding School No. 1 

A high-quality repair and construction works were carried out; all old lodgments of the complex were reconstructed completely beginning from the lounge and dining hall till the kitchen, store rooms and washing rooms. Kitchen equipment was changed, new furniture and bathroom equipment were purchased, and windows were decorated with snowy curtains. The painting of hall walls by professional artists specially invited from the south capital also was a pleasant distinction. 

Capital repair of Mukan Tulebayev Music School in Almaty city 
Taking into account the careful attitude of the Foundation to talented Kazakhstan youth and understanding the importance of creative and inward development of children, Saby decided to make a repair of the music school. The result of the repair and construction works in this authoritative educational institution was the possibility for pupils to carry out creative activities in comfortable rooms with warm radiators, smooth floor and ceilings, walls with sound insulation, large light windows.


Repair of a refectory complex in Nusipbayev Kazakh Boarding School 
The repair works were carried out in the refectory hall and festivities hall. The refectory, the walls of which were decorated with professional art painting, was converted into the wonderland of the Little Prince.
Funds were allocated to purchase necessary building materials for the repair of a nursery school and refectory in Zhanuya Special Compex.


Completion of scale construction works and commissioning of new modern building for Children’s Home State Institution in Kyzylorda 

Kyzylorda city. Hard weather conditions, ecological disaster zone of Aral Sea, constant water deficiency and, as a consequence, low level of life and health of local population, especially children, induced the Foundation to direct special attention to this region.
Child Care Center, situated in the regional center at the address: 84, Baiseitov street, is one of the most dangerous social institutions of the city in technical condition. This building is a frame house built in 1956, which is unsafe and old. Walls, patched with clay, are thoroughly whitened by workers of the institution, but this does not save from regular leakages and fragmentary breakdowns. Numerously painted window frames cracked and do not protect against winter cold and summer heat. There is no any heating; the process of heating is carried out by a ramshackle boiler house by means of rusty and rotten tubes. Small children live in such difficult conditions; they start here their life full of hardships without any support of parents and relatives.
Having organized the inspection of the institution in 2009, Saby Charitable Foundation decided that repair of this old building was unreasonable and concluded that a new modern building for children shall be constructed. Orkendeu Project of new building construction for Child Care Center in Kyzylorda became the most ambitious, resource costly and expensive project; more than 300,000 KZT had been spent for its realization. 
Notwithstanding the social significance of the object, the initiative of the Foundation was not accepted at once. Approbation of the government of Kyzylorda city and Health Administration was received only one year later. The Memorandum about Cooperation and Collaboration was concluded in August, 2010, according to which the administration separated a land parcel at the address: 84, Baiseitov street. Saby Foundation started the development of design and estimate documentation.
But four month later, when working drafts were almost ready, the administration of the city changed its decision and gave another land parcel for the construction at the address: w/o No. Beibarys street. This decision caused 100% alteration of design and estimate documentation including the realization of new geotechnical investigations. But problems still remained.
When carrying preparation and planning works, 3 communication pipelines were found out on site, which were not registered in the city schemes. Design and estimate documentation had to be altered for the third time, because the availability of pipes, including gas pipe of high pressure, required to change the siting of building to dozens of meters. 
The procedure of state expertise of the project turned out to be difficult. Experts- pedants expressed a lot of critical notes. Besides, more than half of notes were simply sophisticated. It took 9 months to get a conclusion of the expert commission. 
Now all difficulties left behind. Presently, finishing works are carried out. The object will be put into commission in January 2013. Landscape and shade gardening including tree, flowers and lawn grass planting, is planned to be carried out in spring. 
The project of this building has no analogues among social institutions of Kazakhstan, beginning from design and architecture ending with equipment and landscaping. Even the problems of economy of budget means for the period of building exploitation were taken into account. The building is not typical; we built not a common house, but a house where we tried to create for children maximal comfort and homelike atmosphere. Design and estimate documentation stipulate the construction of 3 main brick buildings (2 buildings– two-storied, 1 building – single-storied) with total floor area of 1,717 square meters, independent heating module operating on 2 types of fuel, engineering and utility services rooms, big summer showrooms, playgrounds, selected recreation areas with landscaping and fountains, perimeter barrier from splitter blocks, laying of all communications, paved roads and sidewalks, area and perimeter lighting of the territory. 
Interior decoration of the building was carried out taking into account all standards of Building Codes and Regulations and Sanitary Regulations and Standards using modern, quality and ecologically clean materials. Object equipping with necessary facilities, furniture and interior was carried out at the expense of Saby Foundation thanks to our dear philanthropists. 
Moreover, the local center for children’s early development of M. Montessori system is stipulated in the new building. For this purpose special equipment and materials were purchased in Omsk, Russian Federation, as well as educational seminars for employees of the Child Care Center with a teacher of the Russian Association of Montessori were held. 

So, this building is not just a new building, it is absolutely distinct new house built in accordance with the latest standards where children will start their life in warm, careful and harmonious atmosphere. 


A conceptual design of the cottage for Children Village was developed and approved by the Fund management
After its completion ‘Saby’ Fund will be ready to begin work on the development of design and estimate documentation (DED) immediately and to make further steps for implementation of the project 

The project provides a two-level house with a total area of 406 sq.m. to stay 10-14 children of different ages and two tutors (‘mother’ and ‘aunt’, an educator assistant).
It is a modern comfortable house which complies with all applicable building codes and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the necessary residential and utility rooms equipped with high-quality functional furniture and technological equipment. The General Plan also provides for external infrastructure: children pavilions, playground and sports fields, household and maintenance buildings, green spaces.
Approximate time to perform all works from the signing of appropriate documents to the commissioning is 2 years.


- In January in the scope of the Project ‘Orkendeu’ implementation of the Project on the building of the family type village for the orphan children and the children without parental care was started in Astana city. It’s considered that this village will become a home for 100-140 foster children; till the present moment the borders are marked on the perimeter of the allocated site, topographical and geological surveys are performed as well as all necessary documents on site are obtained in governmental bodies all the technical specifications from the relative service suppliers and architectural planning assignments are obtained, detailed design of children’s village is developed and approved by Urban Council of Astana city;
- December – the negotiations with Aktobe city local administration are initiated; the negotiation issue is the building of the social dormitory for the orphan children, leavers of special boarding schools.


- april 2015 - ‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation in scope of the Project ‘Orkendeu’ starts the building of a residential community in Aktobe city for the boarding schools’ graduates who have health disabilities.

This decision has been made on the basis of the data obtained due to the meetings and consultations with the agents of guardianship and wardship authority in Aktobe city as well as after the meeting with Akim of Aktobe city, Aktobe region who were sympathetic to endorse this initiative. 

According to available information currently there is only one operating House for youth, which is the institution for the social adaptation of orphan children and for the children without parental care come to this House after graduating the regional boarding schools. This House is 1971 year built, it is obsolete and worn-out; it’s designated for 100 places but it is permanently overcrowded as children from all over the region come here. Besides the vacant places are deficit there is also a real problem for the boarding schools’ graduates with mental disabilities, need independent residence as they need more time for adaptation and permanent social-psychological support. It’s urgent need to build new building to provide the residence to such group of children.

According to socioeconomic project rationale there is proposition to build a range of 2-floor townhouses with total capacity 80 places; the ground floors of these houses will be designated for the wheelchair users’ accommodation. We are as well planning to build mini-shops to provide possibility of the labour adaptation to the educatees and also the possibility to work and become financially sufficient. Moreover building of gym, events hall and sports ground is also provisioned. All the objects will meet requirements of the currently valid regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total area of buildings and facilities will amount approximately 6 000 sq.m.

‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation undertakes upon designing, building and complete equipping of the residential community as well the landscaping and general improvement of the territory. After all the works will have been completed and the object will be commissioned ‘Turnkey’, so the object is transferred to the ownership of regional akimat for it to provide the further financing and to support its operation.

- June 2015 -‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation goes on implementing the project of building of societal residence hall for the foster homes leavers in Aktobe city. 

- August 2015 – all necessary agreements in supervisory and controlling authorities were obtained as well as entitling documents, land use design and site engineering and topography were performed; 

- August 2015 – engineering and geological research was completed on the land parcel; 

- October 2015 – all technical regulations from relevant authorities and Architectural and Planning Assignment were received; 

- December 2015 – work on design estimate documentation was completed;

- May 2016 - positive conclusions of the complex independent expertise for the main design and estimate documentation of the project and the design and estimate documentation of external networks were received;

- May 2016 - the notice on the beginning of construction and installation work at the site was submitted to the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority;

-June 2016 – the work on the performance of primary structures and foundations already for 4 residential towers and office building are in progress;

-December 2016 – the construction and equipping of office building with mini-shops and 1 residential building for 16 apartments was fully completed. 


“Saby” Charitable Foundation within the framework of “Orkendeu” project has started the construction of one more major project – Secondary school for 1200 places on the fixed land parcel located to the west from Akzhar village of Nauryzbai district of Almaty city. 

This project is realized under the concluded agreement with the Akimat of Almaty city, according to which the Foundation undertakes to build a school upon the project provided by the Akimat at its own account, following which the Foundation will donate to the city the school on a free-of-charge basis. 

By now, the design and estimate documentation on the state order is fully prepared. Favorable conclusion of the state expert appraisal was received. 

According to the working project, the school building will be located on the land parcel of 3,0026 ha in area and will include ten two- and three-storey blocks with basement level, total area of buildings – 11 625 sq.m. 

- September 2015 - “Saby” Charitable Foundation within the framework of “Orkendeu” project started construction one more large object- Secondary school for 1200 places on fixed land parcel, located to the west of Akzhar village of Nauryzbay district in Almaty city;

- November 2015 – all on-site pre-construction activities were finished, clearing of territory topsoil was carried out, perimeter fence was placed, technical regulations were received and temporary communications of required capacity were installed;

- December 2015 - ithe monolithic work on the foundations are started;

- June 2016 - All the works on the performance of primary structures and foundations were finished, the reinforcement and concreting of all the walls and floor slabs on all the floors for 10 blocks are performed

-December 2016 - concrete work on 10 units are completed, the masonry exterior walls and filling of openings is carried out, the finishing works are started. 


- December 2017 - renovation of the secondary school No. 159 building of Almaty city.

- June 2017 - the Center for Social Adaptation of Youth "Mejirim" was built for 80 apartments for graduates of orphanages in Aktobe. The total area of the complex is 4300 sq.m., consists of 4 two-stored residential townhouses and one administration and amenity building with training and production rooms, the territory is 3 hectares. The estimated cost of the project is 1 billion 545 million tenge.

- September 2017 - a general academic school for 1200 places was built in Almaty. The total building area is 12,000 square meters, the territory is 3 hectares. The estimated cost of the project is 1 billion 830 million tenge. 

In August, October 2018, the second stage of the capital repair at the gymnasium No. 159 named after Y. Altynsarin in Almaty. During the summer and autumn holidays, the corridors and staircases of the third floor were painted, the bathrooms were fully renovated, tiled floors, windows, sanitary ware, ceramic bathroom fittings and equipment were replaced, and ventilation and heating systems were installed on all floors.

SOS Children’s village Almaty- Full repair of 4 cottages with furniture and household appliances was carried out.

SOS Children's Village Almaty - renovation of three cottages with full furnishings and household appliances was made. The amount spent on repairs was 75,394,287 KZT.

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