Results of the charitable campaign "Meyirimdi bol"

A professional music studio was opened in the Center for Social Adaptation of Youth "Meyirim". This became possible thanks to the "Meyirimdi bol" campaign, which took place in February of this year. It was organized by "Sabi" Foundation together with "Qara" creative association with the aim of raising funds to support the development and integration of children in "Meyirim" center.

The premiere of Moldanazar's music video "QARANGYDA" took place at the event. The author of the song describes the feelings and emotions experienced by children who grew up without parental love and care. Then the guests of the evening were shown a film of "Sabi" Foundation about the children from "Meirim" Center and about the participants of our project "Youth" and what role our projects have played in improving the quality of their lives. Then followed performances of famous Kazakhstans musical groups Tynyq, Kunzharyq, Qonyratbay fam, Orynkhan and Moldanazar.

It should be noted, that the guests of the evening could not only enjoy the wonderful music and performances of artists, but also participate in fundraising by making donations by means of qr-code. A significant part of the collection was made up of the money raised from the sale of tickets to the concert. In support of the fund, an auction was also held, where an exclusive OYU brand record and Galymzhan Moldanazar's ukulele were put up for sale. Galymzhan wrote his famous song "Ozin Gana" on this ukulele. 

At the end of the charity event it was possible to collect 6,139,000 tenge. All the funds collected on this day were donated to the needs of the Center for Social Adaptation of Youth "Meirim". The center "Meyirim" was built and donated by "Sabi" Foundation in 2017. The center is designed for residence and employment of graduates of orphanages aged 16 to 29 years old. Thus, after leaving the orphanage, former inmates stay in special social conditions for a long time and can painlessly adapt to normal life. 
Among the pupils there are many children who are fond of music and this theme is very close to them. But, especially inspired by the attention and creativity of Galymzhan Moldanazar, the children decided to study music even more and more diligently. After such a lively interest of children to creativity and the idea to open here a music studio with all necessary equipment (synthesizer, projector, interactive panel, guitars, dombras, microphones, speakers, etc.). We hope that this initiative will open the way to creative life for them

In addition, the children are engaged in various sports. They especially enjoy curling, soccer and basketball. They take part in championships, win them and take prizes. To support the children's interest in sports, we allocated part of the money for the purchase of sports equipment. We believe that this will inspire the guys to new victories. 
Also, part of the money was used to buy household and computer equipment. Improvement of everyday conditions and quality of life of the children living in the center "Meirim" is one of the permanent tasks in our agenda.

We are proud of the overall result and are grateful to each participant of our kind action for the new opportunities given to the children of the "Meirim" Center

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Results of the “Meyirimdi bol” campaign

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the charity event “Meyirimdi bol” by the Qara studio and the Saby Foundation. The total amount of funds raised as a result of the campaign amounted to 6,139,000…

Charitable Campaigns
Charity event “Meyirimdi Bol”

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