"Build Your Own Business - 2021" competition has been launched

Saby Charitable Foundation announces the start of VIII annual competition "Build Your Own Business-2021" for the support of young Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. The competition is led by President of Saby Foundation, Aselle Tasmagambetova, with the support of famous Kazakhstani businessmen and patrons - Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim. Coaching and mentoring support is provided by permanent partners: Ernst&Young British Accounting and Consulting Company and Microsoft Multinational Company.

This is a unique competition that does not have analogues in the country, issuing grants from 10 000$ to 100 000$ to young businessmen across Kazakhstan, helping them to launch and develop their own business. In the previous 7 years of the competition, Saby Foundation and patrons issued 60 grants to aspiring entrepreneurs for a total of $1,580,000. To date, the Foundation supports projects in a wide range of sectors of small and medium-sized businesses in various regions of Kazakhstan. Successful participants of the competition include such well-known companies as Robowunderkind, Cerebra, Q.republic, Sheberkhana, Aquapoint, Dariya, Tazalyk, Kidslab, Oiko, and others.

This year the prize fund of the competition will be $300,000.

«For 19 years Saby Foundation has become a resource center where many of the author's social initiatives have been successfully implemented. This competition is held on the Foundation site, as it is a purely charitable project. Winners receive grants on a free-of-charge basis; we do not take any interest and we do not take any share in their business. Our sole desire is to help young aspiring entrepreneurs to get on their feet and take their first steps in business.  Our assistance is multidirectional in nature, because in addition to financial support, most finalists' projects receive their first orders for products and services, as well as marketing support, privilege rent, etc. from the Foundation. For our part, we will do our best to ensure the "Build Your Own Business" competition continues to develop, and becomes some kind of a "social elevator" for young people in our country in partnership with the leading representatives of business community», Aselle Tasmagambetova noted.

To participate in "Build Your Own Business" competition you need to make a one-minute video about your project, publish it in social networks and submit an application on the website www.entrepreuner.saby.kz. Applications will be accepted until September 19, 2021. For more details about the terms of participation in the competition, please, visit the same website - entrepreneur.saby.kz.

We wish good luck to everyone and invite you to estimate your potential! 

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