Overhaul in SOS Children’s Village

     Recently, Saby Charitable Foundation carried out the overhaul of one of the buildings of SOS Children’s Village, Almaty. Works had been started in mid-April and lasted for 2 months.

     The cottage with a total area of 150 sq. m, intended for one family, had been changed significantly: its heating system was completely renovated, its heat supply station was overhauled, the radiators and plumbing together with the water supply and wastewater lines were replaced. New wallpaper was hung and paint works were done, linoleum, tiling, doors and lamps were replaced, and windows were restored. The façade of the cottage was refreshed; a new pavement was laid around the perimeter. Furniture for the hallway and kitchen was made on a by-order basis. Also, new domestic appliances for the kitchen were purchased.

     It should be noted that the cottages in the village were built in 1997 according to the Austrian technology and since then no overhaul in the rooms has been made. Saby Foundation has applied earnest to the issue, so that the result of our work will also be preserved for many years. We have executed all the work at the highest level and have already begun to repair the next house.

     We will recall that SOS Children's Villages is a family model of long-term foster care of orphans and children left without parental care. Children's village in Almaty consists of 10 family houses. Each family takes care of 6-8 children, boys and girls of different ages. 

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