Renovation of school No. 159 of Almaty city

Renovation of school No. 159 of Almaty cityRecently Saby Foundation has completed renovation of the secondary school No. 159 building of Almaty city.
The changes after the renovation process can be noticed at the entrance already: the stairs are covered with the anti-slip rubber coating, the entrance portalhas been considerablyexpanded and insulated.

The main foyer and the school hall have been transformedentirely.

The foyer wallshave been decorated with theoff-beatdesign, stylish chandeliersare array the ceiling, carpeting provides the hall with a special coziness. Soft benches have been fixed around the hall perimeter for the sake of convenience of children and their parents. A new reception deskattracts the visitors’attention and neat sticker-pointers facilitate orientation.

Withoutany artificethe school hall has received a new lease of life. The new floor, modern comfortable armchairs, the enlarged stage with theatrical curtains, windows framed by light curtains, the artistic painting on the walls have created a new image for the hall.

The school corridors have also been renewed. Painting and finishing works have been conducted on the first and second floors, high powered illumination devices have been installed there. The color of the walls, ceilings and new curtains on the windows complement each otherharmoniously. Personal lockers for schoolchildren which replaced the obsolete wardrobes fit well into the updated design.

It is worth noting that the main repair works were conducted within the short period of the autumn vacations, only minor concluding improvements took place at the beginning of the second quarter.

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