Assistance to Kadija, Nygmet, Arman and Alikhan

Since the start of the year, the Saby Foundation has provided targeted assistance to several beneficiaries. Among them is 2-year-old Khadija from Mangistau Region. A special treadmill was purchased for the «sunny» girl to develop coordination of movements and muscle strengthening.

The Foundation also assisted the 5-year-old Nygmet from Almaty Region, whose diagnosis is "cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, retinopathy of the 5th degree". For the convenience of movement, Nygmet needed a walking wheelchair, which we purchased and handed over to the child.

12-year-old Arman from the city of Almaty, suffering from a diagnosis of «progressive muscular dystrophy, secondary kyphoscoliosis». The Foundation also purchased a stroller and a package of necessary medicines for three months.

Another beneficiary was 5-year-old Alikhan from the city of Almaty. Diagnosis of the child "cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, astatic-dyskinetic form". The Saby Foundation financed the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for the child: orthoses for controlling and stabilizing the ankle and a verticalizer for fixing and correctly child development.

The total amount of assistance provided amounted to KZT 734,877. We express gratitude to everyone who makes donations to our Foundation. You're helping the kids with us!

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